About the Project

Hi! I’m Justin, the photographer behind the camera for the elements of Maine project. As a lifelong Mainer, I’ve always loved the unique beauty of the Pine Tree State.

Photography has brought me to every corner of Maine. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve felt stones tumble beneath my feet while I take a portrait and the countless crunches of pine needles as I’ve hiked to find a great view of a landscape. Over the years I started to look more closely at the individual pieces I see of Maine every day.

The elements of Maine project is a celebration of those individual objects – or elements – that make Maine what it is. I’ll be stopping at spots around the state and zooming in to take a look at things we take for granted in our daily travels.

Whether you’re a Maine neighbor or someone who admires the rocky coast and endless forests from afar, I hope this project brings you a bit closer to the best of Maine.

– Justin

What’s an element?

Elements are the individual pieces that make up the landscapes we see every day. From stones to leaves to sea shells, these objects create our image of the state of Maine.

The elements in this project are photographed as found with only minor staging (like brushing off sand or dirt). Because of this, the gallery focuses primarily on minerals and plants.

How are elements captured?

Photos of elements are captured at the location where they are found with only natural lighting.

The project makes every attempt to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment. Natural items are returned where they are found and are never removed from the location. Man-made items, when possible, are removed.

How can I support the project?

Right now, the best way to support the project is to become a supporter on Patreon. Becoming a patron allows you to contribute an amount you choose monthly to help the project continue and grow. There are also tiered rewards for contributions, ranging from behind-the-scenes photos and phone backgrounds to mailed goodies and personalized thank you videos.

You can also follow and share the project on Instagram and Facebook.

Who photographs the elements?

Justin Russell has been photographing the landscape of Maine – as well as portraits, performances, events, and more – for over twenty years. Born on the coast of Maine, he feels a special connection to the state and takes every opportunity to share that love with the world.

You can see more of his work on justinrussellphotography.com or on his pages on Instagram and Facebook.